Auto Upholstery Foam – Need Replacing?

Upholstery Foam

You will be able to tell if the auto upholstery foam needs replacing simply by looking at it, even before the upholstery is removed.

If the upholstery fabric is excessive or sagging it’s because the foam underneath has collapsed. If the upholstery is loose or the foam collapses easily when you press on it, the seat is no longer giving you the support that it should. The seat should be firm to the … Continue reading

Upholstery Tools

Upholstery Foam (2)

The Upholstery Tools Market

The upholstery tools market is sometimes a little behind the times and there aren’t a lot of

resources specifically for automotive upholstery tools to innovate and improve our work. I’m not sure why this is, but like a lot of upholsters, I have to improvise and make my own upholstery tools.  If the upholstery tools market isn’t keeping up we always find a way to get the job done … Continue reading

Auto Upholstery Tools for Beginners


I’ve wanted to do an auto upholstery essential tools list for the DIY group or upholsterers that are just starting out and just testing the waters. While doing my research on what’s already out there on this topic I noticed a lot of articles about upholstery tool must haves, including things like webbing stretchers and ripping chisels. Although these are essential upholstery tools for furniture, they are not much help at … Continue reading

Headliners and Headliner Fabric

Headliner fabric is different than regular material used for upholstery. Headliner fabric has a special foam backing on it that will mold to the contours of the vehicles roof. A headliner is the “ceiling” of a vehicle, it is used to give a nice finished look to the vehicle interior area overhead and to help hide wiring and lighting that is run through the top. In most vehicles wiring for the sound system and interior lighting … Continue reading

Lumbar Support for Car Seats

lumbar support for car seats

lumbar support for car seatsThe following  question regarding lumbar support for car seats was received via email and we thought we would share it with you.


I am wondering if you help or at least provide some advice. I purchased a new 2014 F-250 Pickup with leather interior. The seats are leather and had a seam right in the middle of the seat back. I … Continue reading

Adding Foam to Car Seats

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Adding Foam to Car Seats – Cost

Recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions like “How much does it cost to re foam my driver’s seat?” or “How much does it cost to replace the foam on my bench seat?” Because there is such a wide variety of vehicles with different style seating, types of foam and labor rates we could not even begin to answer this question for each vehicle.

Guidelines for … Continue reading

Boat Carpeting Installation

Boat carpeting

Do I Really Need Carpet Made for Boats?

Yes, here are four reasons why:

  • Using regular household or even automotive carpeting will eventually start to mold from the exposure to water
  • Boat carpeting is water and sun resistant. It is specifically made for the conditions that a boat is under.
  • Boat carpeting has UV protection treated right into the fibers
  • Boat carpeting has a rubber backing that is specifically made for wet conditions.
  • Continue reading

Auto Upholstery Stitching


Auto upholstery stitching, what? Believe me when I say it’s all in the details and stitch patterns are a small detail that will show up all over your vehicles interior. so you should be sure of how the stitch pattern will work with the rest of your design.

Okay so you already have the design and colors down, you get to the upholstery shop and the upholster asks you “what type of stitching do you … Continue reading

How to Remove a Door Panel

Door Panel removal

Using the Parts Guide for Reference

There are some differences in the way door panels are removed from vehicle to vehicle. Some vehicles may have very complicated components and you may want to refer to the parts list guide for your specific vehicle so that you are sure of where all the parts are and what does and does not need to be removed. The parts list guide can be found through the dealership via … Continue reading